Year 5 Homework

10 July 2015

This week’s whole school homework involves completing the pupil health questionnaire sent home with your child.

 I can share my views about health.





















This annual questionnaire has been compiled in consultation with our school council and helps us to find out pupil views on some of our key health issues at school. Please support your child to complete the health questionnaire by discussing these issues.  The questionnaire should be returned to your class teacher by Wednesday 15 July.

03 July 2015

I can complete a diary about my lifestyle.

This includes what snacks they eat, how much they exercise do and how long they spend doing different activities. The homework has come from Mrs Taylor, who leads health in our school – it doesn’t take long to fill in and is used by local government to understand what children’s lives are like and how healthy they are. The diaries remain confidential and personal information will not be discussed in school if children don’t want to.

26 June 2015

The homeworks this week are both Practice Makes Perfect.

The first is an English homework. Children have a section from the Alice in Wonderland book. Their task is to rewrite this text as a script. Children should remember to include stage directions to tell the actors how they should say something or how they should move across the stage.

The second homework is a Mathletics activity which checks children’s understanding of angles. They have to compare and estimate the size of angles.


19 June 2015

The homework this week is creative.

I can show and explain what a half is. 

In maths lessons this week, we’ve been learning about fractions. For their homework, I’d like children to prove to me that they know what a half is. To do this they must also think about what a half isn’t. They should show their explanations in any way they like: annotated diagrams, pictures, photographs, videos, a story.

12 June 2015

The homework this week is talk time and is related to our SEAL theme: changes.

I can change my learning / behaviour for the better.

Children should talk at home about what they can do to improve either their learning, behaviour or both.

05 June 2015

The homeworks this week are Practice Makes Perfect and Creative.

The Creative homework prepares us for our new topic by asking children to show what they know about Earth and Space. Your child could write a poem, create a story or report about our solar system. They could do some number crunching about planets. They could collect data over the weekend about light and shadows. They could speculate about other beings that we share space with.

The Practice Makes Perfect homework are two Mathletics activities. The first is about measuring angles which we’ve learnt recently in class. The second supports the learning this week on transformations: reflections, translations and rotation (though this is not part of the new curriculum in Y5).

Top Mathletics tips:

1. It is not a timed activity. Do not rush!

2. Do not rush!

3. Read the questions carefully.

4. Use jottings on a piece of paper to help you.

5. Tell me if you are finding an activity hard and I will find time to help you with it.







15 May 2015

The homework this week is Creative and is due Wednesday 20 May:

Who do you think you are?

Next week, we embark on five days of learning about identity, diversity and community. Your child is required to think about themselves and what makes them who they are.

Creative homework is a great way for your child to engage with their homework any way they choose. I’ll be looking for homework with some creative flair as well as some refinement and finesse. Ideas could range from:

  • a family tree
  • a personal timeline
  • a comic strip depicting their life journey

I’m looking forward to finding out what makes each child who they are and the themed week is sure to be a successful one!

08 May 2015

The homeworks this week are Talk Time and Practice Makes Perfect.

The Talk Time homework is:

Is it ever ok to lie? 

This homework will link with next week’s SEAL focus about telling the truth and saying sorry. Children should discuss the homework and make notes in their homework books ready for the class discussion on Wednesday.

The Practice Makes Perfect homework are two Mathletics activities about fractions, decimals and percentages. These activities follow the learning in maths lesson on this from the previous week.





01 May 2015

The homeworks this week are Creative and Practice Makes Perfect.

The Creative homework is:

I can show what I have learnt about the General Election.

In this homework, children have to produce a piece of work which demonstrates what they have learnt over the past two weeks about the upcoming General Election. This could be about the political parties, their leaders, their policies / ideas or  their own ideas about politics.

Here are some of the ideas the children came up with:

  • A profile of a politician
  • An interview with a politician
  • A manifesto of your political plans
  • A 60 second video about a political party or leader
  • An interview with you, the leader of your own political party
  • A poster detailing your party, logo, slogan and political plans for the country

24 April 2015

The homeworks this week are Talk Time and Practice Makes Perfect.

The Talk Time homework time homework ties in with the upcoming General Election. Children should talk with people at home about what policies / ideas they would introduce if they were the leader of a political party. The ideas should be realistic and should be ones which would benefit the community, not just them and their friends.

The Mathsletic homework is an activity about time which we will be focussing on in Maths lessons next week.