Year 5 Homework

29 April 2016

This week’s Practice Makes Perfect homework is due on Wednesday 4 May.

To be able to answer questions about punctuation and grammar.

The children have got another set of questions to have a go at at home. This proved really useful last week to revise what we’ve already learnt and to find out what we were less sure of.

This is not a test so that children can ask me questions and research things at home. It would be fab if they were then ready to share which questions they were less sure of so we know what to work on together.


29 April 2016

This week’s Talk Time homework is due on Friday 6 May (not Wednesday 4 May)

To be able to talk confidently about my chosen person that I’ll write my biography on on Friday 6 May. 

All of the children have chosen somebody that they’d like to write a biography on, having learnt all about how to write them in our English lessons. It is their responsibility to find out about this person and be ready to write about them at the end of next week.

Don’t forget to create some notes for you to refer to when you’re writing.

22 April 2016

This week’s Practice Makes Perfect homework is due on Wednesday 27 April.

To be able recognise different word classes.

There are a number of SPAG questions for the children to answer this week all to do with recognising different word classes: noun, verb, adjective, conjunction, preposition, adverb, determiner.

Answer the questions as best you can and we’ll go through them together on Wednesday to see if there are any we’re not sure about.

22 April 2016

This week’s Creative homework has been chosen by the children following our topic lesson on Tuesday and is due on Wednesday 27 April.

To explore the technology of optical toys.

On Tuesday, we looked at how films came to be invented way back in the 1800s. It all started with optical toys which are based on the idea that if we look at a lot of images very quickly that change very gradually and it looks like the picture is moving.

There are a number of different types of toys and the children have brought some instructions home with them but there’ll be many different varieties and ways of changing them to make them their own. You might decide to design your own optical toy; write a set of instructions for how to make one; make one yourself; tell us all about optical toys; or even write a diary entry as though you’re a child from 1824 who’s just received a thaumotrope for their birthday.

We’re really looking forward to Wednesday’s homework review to see what everybody comes up with.

24 March 2016

This week’s Talk Time homework is due on Tuesday 29 March.

To be able to tell my Fighting Fantasy story confidently.

After lots of work in class on writing narratives, Y5 will be writing their own short story on Tuesday next week. In order to be confident with our stories and to enable us to write a well-thought-through tale, the children have brought their story plans home.

Ask them what the story is about. Question any gaps you think there might in their tale and look out for ideas that are too complicated and might sound muddled. Can they tell you their story orally, remembering key events and some details?

As always, the children are asked to write notes demonstrating what has been discussed. These notes could point out main story events, effective adjectives, verbs or phrases that they’ve used at home and don’t want to forget, or they could detail feedback they’ve had on their story from people at home.

We’ll write our stories on Tuesday so this homework is due on Tuesday 29 March, one day earlier than is usually the case.

24 March 2016

This week’s Practice Makes Perfect homework is due on Wednesday 30 March.

To be able to solve maths problems.

The children have got a selection of Maths problems to read, understand and solve in a given context. They need to think about what question they are actually answering and, sometimes, interpret correctly what remainders mean when dividing. This is work that has recently been learnt in class so they should be able to work independently.

Any working out can be completed in homework books and, for each question, a full sentence should be written to communicate their answer.

If you’re wanting to support your child in their work, check out our calculations videos to see how we do our working out in class.


18 March 2016

This week’s Talk Time homework will be discussed on Wednesday 23 March.

To be able to see things from other people’s point of view.

This links to our SEAL statement for the week and is an essential skill for life. Over dinner, discuss when we might have a different opinion to somebody else; why somebody else’s opinion might be different; whether it’s OK for our opinions to differ; and what we can do to get along with each other and accept/respect our differences.

18 March 2016

This week’s creative homework is due on Wednesday 23 March.

To be able to use speech punctuation.

Using the tips provided, the children need to show that they are able to punctuate speech accurately or create an activity or example that would help others to punctuate speech accurately. There are lots of ways you could do this:

  • Write a story (or section of) that includes dialogue
  • Create a top tips sheet that would teach someone how to use them
  • Make a game that would help us to practise.
  • Write a section of text with punctuation missing to be corrected (but have an answer sheet ready).

11 March 2016

One of this week’s homework is Talk Time.

Is it OK to take a life?

Children need to think about this moral question from a wide-range of viewpoints. It’s pretty deep for a Y5 class! In class, we’ll have a debate but they must be prepared to debate for and against this question. They must make notes to help when debating.

11 March 2016

This week’s Practice Makes Perfect homework is due on Wednesday 16 March.

Each child has been assigned three task on Mathletics to be completed at home. They link to the subtraction and addition we’ve been working on for the last week so all of the children should be confident with their working out.

If you cannot access the activities for any reason, let me know on Monday so that the homework can be completed by Wednesday. Thank you.