Year 2 Spelling

05 February 2016

Here are the spellings for this week:

05.02.16 Red Group 05.02.16 Yellow Group 05.02.16 Green Group

29 January 2016

Here are the spellings for this week:

29.01.16 Green Group 29.01.16 Red Group 29.01.16 Yellow Group

22 January 2016

Here are the spellings for this week:

22.01.16 Yellow Group 22.01.16 Green group 22.01.16 Red Group

15 January 2016

Here are the spellings for this week:

15.01.16 Red 15.01.16 Yellow 15.01.16 Green

08 January 2016 – Green Group

This week’s spellings for the Green Group:

08.01.16 Green group

08 January 2016 – Red Group

Here are the Red Group’s spellings for this week:

08.01.16 Red Group

08 January 2016 – Yellow Group

Here are the spellings for yellow group this week.

08.01.16 Yellow Group


It’s Christmas…

There are no homework tasks or spellings during the holiday period.

Instead, support your child in other ways. Make sure they take partĀ in family events, encourage them to relax and catch up on some reading at home, encourage them to send thank you notes (emails are fine, too!) – all these things will help their English skills of speakingĀ and listening, reading and writing.

Plenty of maths skills can be practised, too – planning some top telly and considering times and durations of programmes, working out what half price is when the sales start… could your child even help with some cooking to use various measures?

Whatever they do, make sure your child, and you, have a happy and healthy Christmas break.

11 December 2015

There are no spellings to practise this week in Year 1 or 2.


03 December 2015

The spellings for next week are:

03.12.15 Yellow 03.12.15 Green 03.12.15 Red