Year 2 Spelling

27 November 2015

Next week, all children will be taking part in our sponsored Spellathon! Each child in Key Stage 1 has been given 30 spellings which they have already been tested on throughout the year so far. On Friday 04 December, they’ll be tested on all 30… happy spelling!

27.11.15 Spellathon Red 27.11.15 Spellathon yellow 27.11.15 Spellathon Green

20 November 2015

The spellings for this week are:

20.11.15 Red 20.11.15 Yellow 20.11.15 Green


13 November 2015

The spellings this week are:

13.11.15 yellow 13.11.15 Green 13.11.15 Red

06 November 2015

Here are the spellings for this week:

05.11.15 yellow 05.11.15 Green 05.11.15 Red

It’s half-term…

…so there is no homework this week.

Please make sure your child spends some time most days reading – books, comics, newspapers… Why not visit the library or a book shop this week?

To support writing, your child should review their spellings from the last few weeks. You could test them on words from all the lists, and ask them to use the words in sentences or a story, or create a comic strip with a word used in each speech bubble.Perhaps you could set a challenge (for you as well as your child!) of using spelling words in everyday conversations! Practising handwriting by joining up is a useful activity, too.

In Maths, children in Key Stage 2 should definitely practise times tables – including the related division facts. Can your child respond within five seconds¬†(not counting up to work it out) to questions like ‘What’s 7 times 8?’ and ‘What’s 42 divided by 6?’

Of course, make sure your child is happy and healthy over half-term, too! A walk and play at Roundhay Park, a bike ride, a conker challenge, a trip to the art gallery… Enjoy!

16 October 2015

Here are the spellings for this week:

16.10.15 red 16.10.15 yellow 16.10.15 green



09 October 2015

Here are the spellings for this week.

09.10.15 Red 09.10.15 Green 09.10.15 Yellow

02 October 2015

Here are the spellings for this week.

02.10.15 Green 02.10.15 Red 02.10.15 Yellow

25 September 2015

25.09.15 Yellow 25.09.15 Green 25.09.15 Red

18 September 2015

Children in Year 1 and Year 2 split into groups to learn phonics. There are three groups: Red Group (taught by Mrs Weekes), Yellow Group (taught by Mrs Wells) and Green Group (taught by Mr Wilks). Each week, your child will have a set of spellings in their Learning Lists which matches the phonics group they are in.

Below, are the spellings for each group. If you have any questions, please ask.

18.9.15 Green 18.9.15 Red 18.9.15 Yellow